Washing machine smells

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Washing machine smells

Step 1:

If the washing machine smells sour, the fault may be due to an overdose of soap. Too much soap will often result in a coating forming on the outside of the drum. This coating can be several millimeters thick and will eventually start to emit an odor to the clothes during and after washing. To remove the soap coating, we recommend that you use a lime-free descaling agent. In addition, it is a good idea to remember to wash at high temperatures once in a while, so any soap and fabric softener residues can dissolve more easily.

Step 2:

If the washing machine smells rotten, almost sewer-like, the fault may be that the drain hose is installed incorrectly or that there is dirt in the water trap. When the drain hose is installed correctly, it sits before the water trap. For floor drains, the water trap is most often built into the floor, but in kitchen installations, the water trap is the U-shaped part of the drain pipe. It is also always a good idea to run a cleaning program with machine cleaner to freshen up the machine.

Step 3:

If the washing machine smells musty, the fault may be that the door has been closed for a long time. When the washing machine is not in use, the door should always be left open to avoid odours. The soap drawer can also advantageously be pulled out a little, so that the washing machine can also be ventilated through that way. Please clean the soap drawer regularly. Feel free to wipe off the rubber seal that sits by the door after washing. You can run a cleaning program with machine cleaner to refresh the machine.

Step 4:

If the washing machine smells of burnt plastic, it may be because the drum is crooked, so that the rubber seal rubs against the glass or drum. You can look at the rubber gasket and see if there are marks on it. If this is the case, you must get hold of a service technician who can come and fix the drum.


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