The foundation of Dyson

The home appliance company Dyson was founded in the year 1993. In 1978, James Dyson began to design a new kind of vacuum cleaner, when his own sucked less and less, where he finds out after taking the vacuum cleaner apart that the bag was full of dust, so the vacuum cleaner dropped absorbency. James had recently developed an industrial cyclone tower that removed paint particles from the air using centrifugal force, where he wondered if he could do the same function in a vacuum cleaner.

James Dyson's first vacuum cleaner called "G-Force" was sold in Japan at a price of $2,000 per unit. pieces after impressing the Japanese with the vacuum cleaner's efficiency, winning the 1991 International Design Fair award in Japan.

After the massive success of the G-Force vacuum cleaner, James Dyson started his own company in 1993, where he and his employees set about manufacturing a new vacuum cleaner. This new vacuum cleaner was called DC01, where DC stood for double cyclone, which was the first vacuum cleaner in the world where the suction power never decreased.

Procurement of spare parts for white goods

We at will therefore also maintain the same standards with our spare parts. Our selection of spare parts is typically the original spare parts, which are of the best quality for your particular appliance. We also carry handpicked non-original spare parts, which replace the original spare part without compromising on quality.

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