Electrolux with that other name

Zanussi is a competitive company founded by Electrolux, with the aim of selling Electrolux's good quality products at a cheaper price.

At Zanussi you will find appliances of the highest quality. With Zanussi's new technologies, which are found in the most expensive models on the market, you can get refrigerators with intelligent cooling systems and washing machines with gentle drums that smooth the clothes the same every time. Zanussi also makes dishwashers with water recirculation, which results in much lower water consumption.

Procurement of spare parts for white goods

We at CJDele.dk will therefore also maintain the same standards with our spare parts. Our selection of spare parts is typically the original spare parts, which are of the best quality for your particular appliance. We also carry handpicked non-original spare parts, which replace the original spare part without compromising on quality.

If you cannot find the spare part for your Zanussi white goods in the shop, this does not mean that we do not already have it in stock or cannot obtain it. Our team of skilled specialists is ready to help you find the spare part for your cooker hood, dishwasher, oven, washer-dryer, washing machine or refrigerator and in most cases this is simply because the spare part has not yet been created online.