Receive defective light

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If your receiver has problems with the light, try the following:

Step 1:

Your lamp in your scope may be defective or cracked, and therefore needs to be replaced. An emfang lamp can be either LED or halogen. The lamp's function is to illuminate your stove. The bulb can usually be found behind the filters for easy access. If in doubt, check the scope's manual.

Step 2:

Your transformer may be defective. The transformer reduces the voltage of the electricity delivered to the receptacle. If you have changed the bulb and the light still does not come on, the problem may be the transformer. You can check this using a multimeter. Test to see if the stepped down 230 volts is produced by the transformer when the light switch is on. If this is not the case, replace the transformer.

Step 3:

The light switch may be defective. The light switch allows you to operate the scope lamp. If your receptacle has a bad contact or a fault, the light will not turn on.


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