Beko dishwasher error code

Error code E01

If your Beko dishwasher shows error code E01, it is due to water in the bottom of the machine as a result of a leak inside the dishwasher. To fix this problem, you can follow these steps:

However, it is important to find the cause of error code E01, as the error code is likely to reoccur after a few wash cycles.

Error code E01 can occur for several reasons

These are potential causes of the error code E01 and it is important to inspect and rectify the problem according to the specific cause in order to get your Beko dishwasher working properly again.

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Error code E02

If your Beko dishwasher displays error code E02, there are typically problems with the water drain. Here are some steps you can follow to resolve this issue:

If you have followed these steps and error code E02 still appears, your Beko dishwasher may require further inspection or service to identify and resolve the water drain problem.

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